lundi 28 septembre 2015

Bay Area Art Collective - Keep Your Day Job / We're BAAC

Following my previous post about B-Sides Demonstrations, here's BAAC albums number 2 and 3 thanks to Jack from the great BTBB and Razoo Zo. I looked for these albums forever and they gracisously helped me, so props to them.
Keep Your Day Job is from 1997 and We're BAAC from 1998. They were both initially released only as cassettes then pressed on one double cd in 98. 

Here is KYDJ

And Here is WRB

Keep Your Day Job

World Keeps Changing
The View
Times Is Ruff
Haight Streets
The Stand

We're BAAC

3 G's
Kick Baac
Attic Minds
Yes We Can Can ('98 Remix)
In The Place To Be
Soul Shakedown
Circle Cycle Part 2
Outro: We'll Be Baac Real Soon

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