samedi 19 septembre 2015

Anonymous - Instrumentals At Work

Another one for the hardcore la2thebay/ Log Cabin collectors. 
This is Log Cabin's producer Neosapien under the Anonymous moniker (also aka AntiMC from Mush Records). It's his very first solo release from 1999 on cassette only, and like the title says, it's a compilation of instrumentals. Never saw this around either.

I bought the cassette a few years ago from a guy who had a large westcoast underground cassette collection for sale and who systematically offered a nice cd transfer of the tape you bought from him, with hand-made cd artwork and tracklist in different colors paper case. Now that's dedication. I don't know if he's still around making these, but props to him. I have a few others like that from him, will see which one I'll share eventually.

The last beat on this called Soldier In The Rain is used by Of Mexican Descent on a live version of Money Is Meaningless (maybe it's on the Awol One / 2Mex Flow & Tell Tour CD, don't remember exactly).

Premonition Beat
People Of The Soil
Who I Am
Retro Metro
Fallin Satellites
Meko's Beat
He Said Flow
Xinxo Beat
Space Beat
Soldier In The Rain

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