jeudi 1 octobre 2015

Izm Da Mad Soul - S/T

Don't know much about Izm to be honest, apart the fact that he appears to be from Riverside, CA. 
He released this album in 2000 (cassette only?), made a couple appearances on wax (the nice It's Yours/ Illusiv 12'' and the Mo'Budded Phat Jointz EP compilation) and that's basically it.
For a westcoast MC his taste in productions is closer to say, a Zest or Third Sight than your common Californian MC: dark, cold and minimal vibe here.

Maintaining Izmatic Degreez
Mushroom Kloudz
Who Lit Dat
Mo'Budded Representation
Izmatic Flow
Unheard Of
No Dollar Signs
Dusk To Dawn
Jarius McCall
It's Yours ft. M.O.L.D.

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