jeudi 24 septembre 2015

BoxFeedrs - Millenium Soup EP

Rapwise, San Diego rarely disappoint (at least from what I know from this scene). 
Here's another example of a great SD connection with this short-lived group named BoxFeedrs which consist of rapper Sergio Hernandez aka Surge or Splurgeo (check out his other EPs, worth the while), X0, Cal86 and the cherry on the cake, the awesome MRR on production (of MHE/MRR-ADM/Dirty Drums/Drumetrics fame -aka the best band you never heard of).

The result is amazing: the agressive raps complement perfectly the dark and in-your-face beats of MRR (you recognize some beats heard on such and such MHE comps). It's a short one but no weak track, everything is perfectly on point and when it's over you just want to press repeat again and again.

A very underrated one in my book.


Polyglot ft. Man Of War
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Robot Master
Ear Feeder
Attack Of The Clones
Millenium Soup ft. Sumach

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