lundi 18 juillet 2016

Netherworlds - Pals

...Talking about LL classics.. even though only Murs of the 3 MCs is an official member of that crew, that album would be ranked #1 in my opinion. Weirdly enough, it was released on Chicago's label Galapagos 4 in 2000 ('weirdly' cause it sounds so westcoast and different from the rest of the G4 releases).
As a matter of fact, year after year there's not a summer when I don't find myself playing Pals at least once (but usually a couple more time). There's a special kind of vibe in this album. First of all Anacron's productions are at his all time best, it's not a short album but there's nothing to throw away, even the skits. Then, there's a real alchemy between the MC's (the third one being Himself), and they complement each other perfectly. Lots of nice punchlines, lots of slept on hits... This is one for the ages.

"for all those that only trust the written word: this is dope. Dope in an universal kind if way, and even doper for those that enjoy the left coast mentality, blueprint and ways of doing things." - Urban Smarts

If you don't know, you need to check it immediately through Anacron's bandcamp:

The First Utterance
Uncommon (The Theme)
Fat Boys
Abandoned (No Love)
Friday Nite Special
Balls To The Wall
Cali (Souled Out)
A Love Ballad
Come Back Home
How Do You Like It
Lessons Learned
Green Daze
Netherworlds Dream (1997)
Lookmarkz  Rmx (Eyeballin') (2005)
One... Two... Three

lundi 11 juillet 2016

US Pros - Have You Seen Us?

This is a repost from Ghetto Tyylit's. 
US Pros were a Living Legends- related group composed by ex Log Cabin member Knows (aka Pooridge), Very (also in AfroClassics with Scarub) and Timsears which is not featured on this third and last album of the Pros.
I chose this one because it's by far the most solid of the 3 and in a general way, US Pros are pretty underrated and their releases difficult to find. 
Emceeing is on point all the way through with a few nice cameos. Productions are a great surprise: very diverse stylistically,  and original without falling into "weird to be weird" traps... There's some true bangers on it too ('Ch'ps' for instance, but there's more), some more minimal ones, but it sounds right almost every time.
More ex-members of Log Cabin are featured on the production credits, like Sahga or Magi (aka Tom Slick), which left us wondering were are all the other dope post-Log Cabin projects? Do they even exist? Can we have some more?

It truly deserve a place next to the handful of LL classics although it didn't have half the exposure it deserved. 

Who? Intro
US... Love / Hate
As If We Never Left
Name Game
Movement ft. Pariah
Da Whoomp
Larry Elder
Ch'ps ft. Sahga
Future Of Music
Keep On Continue
Have You Seen Us? ft. Scarub & Voice Watson
Have Fun
Ohhh Yeaahh (Outro)
Bonus Track

vendredi 1 juillet 2016

DJ Feadz - Stagnation Reversed 2

Back when paper rap magazine was still a thing in France, you could mailorder in each number the latest cassette mixtapes from the local DJs. I copped a few this way but here's one I really wanted and missed at that time (2002). 
It featured a promising tracklist (a good blend of new-york and westcoast indie rap plus some more obscure electro/breakbeat stuff), a nice abstract artwork reminiscent of Mo'Wax (at least it seemed to me at the time - and by the way most of the usual mixtape artworks were so ugly and generic that things like these couldn't go unnoticed) and a solid DJ (Feadz, who I only knew was closely related to Mr Oizo -which I loved). No need to say, I was sold way before even listening a second of it.

Thanks to the internet it resurfaced on various blogs a few years ago (last time I checked it was on a couple of soundclound accounts as well). So here you go.

And yes, it was all that was expected: well mixed, some adventurous blends (Oizo vs APC or Kool Keith), a good balance of uptempo tracks and some more weird electro-oriented productions.. no big discoveries but a good, solid mixtape overall.

Face A

DJ Feadz - Intro
Mr. Oizo Vs. Beans
Sensational - Livin' It Up
Brainsick - Playin' For Keeps
Brainsick - It's My Thing
EPMD - Get Off The Bandwagon
Quasimoto - Come On Feet
Zion I ft. Planet Asia - Critical (Madlib Remix)
Declaime - Wicked Ways
D-Shade - Full Contact
J-Zone - S-H-I-D
Third Sight - Rhymes Like A Scientist
Mr. Oizo - Electro Shit Non Stop

Face B

Mr. Oizo Vs. Kool Keith
Divine Styler - Satan Dynasty Killer
Company Flow - Friend Versus Friend
G.I.T. - Street Preacher
Anti-Pop Consortium ft. L.I.F.E. & Pharoahe Monch - What Am I?
Scotty Hard ft. Sensational - Pockets Fat
Alexanders Dark Band - Greedy Cow Boy
Kool G. Rap - Verse
The Infesticons - Quarterback Theme
Murs - Murs FM
Company Flow - Infokill
Alexanders Dark Band - EH° 400
Mr. Oizo - Electro Shit Non Stop
Gang Starr - Brooklyn

dimanche 5 juin 2016

The Yukonn MC - Sweet Baby 12''

This is one of the rare 12'' produced by Boston's Record Company Records crew (even if technically it was out on Emerge Music). RCR was a short-lived indie rap label managed by producer Jeep Jack. It had a rather confidential success although it managed to be highlighted in France's small indie rap circles in the early 00es (articles and mixtapes in HHSection and HHCore, various appearances in Waxexpress' seminal compilation Projet Chaos and various local mixtapes). 
They had Aesop Rock's twin voice in Microft Holmes and a couple of real 'hits' (if I may say so), in Elation's Springfever 12'' and this one, Yukonn's Sweet Baby.
The parallel with the french indie rap scene is not over yet: I first heard of this track through Klub des Loosers' Fuzati (french rapper) rapping over Sweet Baby's instrumental on a mixtape freestyle. I didn't know who made that beat at first but always thought it fitted perfectly Fuzati's style, a kind of light, humorous beat sampled from maybe a cheap cartoon or something.
I stumbled upon the real version of Sweet Baby a few years later, bought the 12'' and had the pleasure to realise that the 2 other tracks on it (Lethal Weapon with Insight on both prod and raps and Underrated River) were as good as Sweet Baby if not better.
I didn't found a proper rip of the 12'' so I did one from my own copy, enjoy.

Sweet Baby
Sweet Baby (Instrumental)
Lethal Weapon ft. Insight
The Underrated River
The Underrated River (Instrumental)
Lethal Weapon (Instrumental)
Lethal Weapon (Accapella)

jeudi 26 mai 2016

Foscil & Specs One - Discuss The Benefits Of Said Collaboration EP Vol.2


3 Years after the first EP between the Seattle band and MC, they did it again, unfortunately on digital only this time, still on the Fourth City label though.
Same recipe: an inspired blend of rap tracks and instrumentals, maybe missing the immediate appeal of tracks like 'Daily Bars' or 'Crunch Day' from Vol.1 but still overall pretty good and worth the check.

Pay Dues
Headlines ft. Truckasauras
Attack Of The Clones (Remix)

mercredi 6 avril 2016

Observatory Swivel Pack

Here's a little pack of various things from this San Diego crew, Observatory Swivel.
I must admit I'm a little bit confused with who was part of the group. The discogs page mentions MCs Mer Ka Ba and 10 19 (plus Deejay A La Fu on the turntables - love the name) but you can see it also mentions Rune Orfeus and Scribe Sayar as MCs and John Henry as a producer.
So not too sure who is who and who does what, but if you know hit me on the comment section.

Once again I've been introduced to this band through a mixtape. It was the great "Provoked" with its bouncy and hypnotic bassline and the tape was Detect's 1st Adventure -who happens to be this blog's first post
That tape was from 2001 and at the time this kind of 12'' was still pretty confidential so I was stoked when I stumbled upon a copy in a parisian shop back then. I like to think it was the actual copy Detect used for this very mixtape then get bored of and sold it to the shop. The kind of weird collector's chakra thing and all. I'm romantic like that. 
The EP was "It's All There In Black And White" and features 3 tracks, Provoked being the obvious highlight.

What you got on this pack is this EP, a cd compilation called Relocated Joints and a rip from my vinyl copy of Orfeus "Mithalaje" with instro and such (never found a rip of the 12'' so here you go).

I'm still looking for a little bit more of background about OS. I know Scribe Sayar has a bandcamp with more recent solo stuff also.

Orfeus - Mithalaje 12'' (1997)

Mithalaje (Instrumental)
Mithalaje (Acapella)

Observatory Swivel - Relocated Joints (1999)

R.T.M. (Rapid Thought Movement)
Breaking Down The Barrier
Taicon Verse Chi
What We Do ft. Rasputant
Completely Unresponsive ft. Hoodfox & Joosik Energetic
Session One ft. 10 19
Green Piece
Orfeus, In Memory

Observatory Swivel - It's All There In Black And White EP (2000)

Don't Call Me...

jeudi 10 mars 2016

Pseudzero - Westakoasta 05 / 06 / 07

Latest episodes of my mix series dedicated to the westcoast underground. enjoy!


ANTIFICTION - #09 (2002)
PRIVATE SCHOOL - Typically All Over You (2007)
CONVENIENCE STORE - Just People (2007)
BLAK FOREST - Throw Em In The Sun (1997)
EVS - The Morning After (1999)


Rob One's words of wisdom
CMA - The Best (1999)
THIRD DEGREE - Better Days (1997)
KANKICK ft. DROOP CAPONE - Finer Things (2001)
TWISTED MIND KINDS - I Feel You (1996)
CASUAL - Later On (Low Down Remix) (1994)
EMANON - Untitled (Separate Allocations) (unreleased, ?)
USEPHASAN - Fore The Lov (1998)


I SMOOTH 7 - Ghetto Life (1995)
THE GROUCH - The Afterlife (1995)
LOG CABIN - Erotica (Remix) (unreleased, circa 1995)