mardi 24 novembre 2015

DJ Fuse One - Metamorphosis

This mix-cd is on my top 10 favourite rap mixtapes ever. 
It was release in 2002 and it's a perfect example of what a mixtape should be: great selection (here rap but also fine breaks), technical skills, some playful cut-ups (the bit about DJ Shadow's samples starting track 11 is simply classic) and a cohesive feel. 
Everything here was meticulously cooked and arranged, and, like some of the Buddy Peace mixes, it pushes the 'mixtape game' to a delicious level of rap nerdery (still, even if you don't get everything at first hear, you can still enjoy it).
Listen and enjoy and you're not familiar. And if you liked it, cope his second one, "Irregular I", released on Epitome Of Fresh.

33 Untitled tracks.

vendredi 6 novembre 2015

Private School - Penrose EP

I always loved SF's Private School. Their minimalist sound is somewhat miraculous to me. They're like 180 degrees from the current hype type rap and thank god, they couldn't care less and keep on developping their quiet, soft spoken style years after years. 
If you're not familiar with their previous albums and enjoy their new free EP Penrose like I did, please check them you'll be rewarded. They got plenty of solo and side projects as well.
Long live the Private School.

Impossible Squares
Do Unto
Drowned Expectations

mercredi 28 octobre 2015

Howard Lloyd - The Quickie EP

It's been a long time since we offered something from the east coast. 
I chose this rather confidential EP because I just recently bought a copy of the vinyl version.
It's from 2006 (precisely the year when lots of "indie rap heads" started to get bored of the scene, and probably rightly so) and it's pretty decent. There's 2 tracks I particularly like, -and by that I mean 'I particularly like the beat': "U Don't Want It" and "Throwbacks".
This last one is only on the vinyl version though. The link I offer got the full CD version tracks plus that bonus vinyl track.

Getting Started
U Don't Want It
Who Stole My Soul?
Every Word
We Did It
Time Bomb
Funny Thing
Throwbacks (Bonus, Vinyl Only)

mardi 20 octobre 2015

Socialistik - Float To It 12''

This excellent '96 12'' single is by Sacramento's Socialistik.
I first heard it on japanese DJ S-Ky The Cookinjax' great "Represent Underground" mix-cd a few years ago. 
The instrumental is a somewhat bite (?) of DJ Cam's "Sang Lien" from his 95 Underground Vibes album. Love the hipnotic vibe.
Not sure if it's really rare, copies over discogs are expensive but there's still cheap copies floating on the web from time to time.

Float To It
Float To It (Dub)
Rap Addicts
Rap Addicts (Instrumental)

dimanche 18 octobre 2015

Hobo Junction - Secret Service (Demo Tape)

This tape has been floating on the web for some time, not sure if it's from the Ghetto Tyylit guys or else. There's also a rip on youtube with the Limited Edition artwork (no relation though).
So, no real artwork nor official tracklist exist to my knowledge but I've been able to figure some of the tracks in there. Some are demo version of later-released tracks from the Hobos, some are just unreleased. Any additional info would help, don't hesitate to hit the comment section.
Beware, the audio quality is like a 8th generation cassette dub.

Track 1
Track 2 ("Time And Space")
Track 3
Track 4 ("BIG NOUS - Questions")
Track 5 ("F U Sound")
EYECUE - The Crooked Eye Letter 
Track 7
Track 8 ("A Rare Visit Of The Magic One")
Track 9 ("Taylor Made")
Track 10
Track 11 (Call It what You Want / Do Or Die")
BIG NOUS - Fatal Thoughts
EYECUE - Dirt Hustlin'
BIG NOUS - The Harvest
SAAFIR - On A Scope
Track 16
Track 17

mardi 13 octobre 2015

James Ek-Sel - Demos

Just when you thought you had enough BAAC material for the next decade, here's a couple of additional gems from youtube: 2 demos from James Ek-Sel and a low quality rip for you.



Plus! If you dug it here's James' Sweet Science Of Sin EP from his soundcloud:

EDIT - Here's James' latest album plus another EP, both for free download...:

jeudi 1 octobre 2015

Izm Da Mad Soul - S/T

Don't know much about Izm to be honest, apart the fact that he appears to be from Riverside, CA. 
He released this album in 2000 (cassette only?), made a couple appearances on wax (the nice It's Yours/ Illusiv 12'' and the Mo'Budded Phat Jointz EP compilation) and that's basically it.
For a westcoast MC his taste in productions is closer to say, a Zest or Third Sight than your common Californian MC: dark, cold and minimal vibe here.

Maintaining Izmatic Degreez
Mushroom Kloudz
Who Lit Dat
Mo'Budded Representation
Izmatic Flow
Unheard Of
No Dollar Signs
Dusk To Dawn
Jarius McCall
It's Yours ft. M.O.L.D.