vendredi 15 mars 2019

Elucid Soulflower - Eternal Balance

5-track EP from christian rapper Elucid Soulflower, released in 1998. I'm not too much into christian rap in general but production & flow are alright here.
Anyone with more info/background about this one is welcome! 

ps- If christian rap is your thing, take a look out there.

Prepare For The Apocalypse
Impact Of My Exam
Watch What You're Saying
Social Commentary

vendredi 15 février 2019

Eyedlmode - S/T EP

Eyedlmode was a duo from the Bay comprised of J Def and Rymskeme.
They only released 2 tapes, both in '95: the Fogville album (already posted by Jibs over here, much thanks to him) and this 5-track EP which offers 2 tracks already on the album, one remix and two unreleased tracks including the great "Headsets".
As far as I know all cassette copies from Fogville are hand-dubbed whereas on this EP the tapes are professionally duplicated and have a better sound quality.

If not already done you should absolutely listen to both releases. They got a specific laid back vibe that kind of reminds me of The Nonce, sort of. I play them a lot when I need something to chill to.

Rymskeme also have a demo tape out there that you can find on youtube. If anybody got a proper rip of this or a copy to sell, holla.


Paint The Town
Paint The Town (Rymix)
Pavement Trials
Episode #1 ft. G-Boogie

vendredi 8 février 2019

Average Joe - S/T

One I've been looking for for a long time: Joe Dub's forgotten solo album as Average Joe (do not mistaken with Average Joe 2000 'Man Or Myth' released years later on Highground).
Like the cover says, it's from 96, and unlike the cover says it's not technically a SFSM album even though some other members appear here and there. 
There's a "Humble Foot" logo on the side but it seems to be more a label thing? and not the other hard to find Joe Dub cassette EP (the third one being White Gangster).


Photo Album
Identity Crisis
Eye Of The Beholder
Long Term ft. Chaz
Honor Code
Follow Passion ft. Meut
Coppertone ft. Gene
Magic Carpet
My Legacy
Suicide Squeeze
The Voice Of Reason

Big Business ft. D.Rite
That's My Own ft. Chaz
9 Lives
Tobacco Road
Freelance Work
S.F. Giants '2' ft. Core 1
Assembly Line
Coming N'Going
My Life
Not What I'm After
Silence Is Golden

jeudi 7 février 2019

The Basics - Success And You

The Basics were a duo from San Jose comprised of MC Dem One and DJ Worldwise, both of them were featured on the SJ comp I posted a while ago, "Outerbodied".
This EP from 1999 is kind of laidback with some nice instrumental/scratching tracks on each side. Style Misia from Gypsy Cab/ New Moon/ etc. produced most of it. DJ Sonic makes an apparition.
Don't know if they released something else as The Basics. Dem One released a batch of solo releases ever since. Worth checking!


Rise And Shine
Bubble In The Struggle
Live From Atlantis

R And R
Keep On Tryin'
Trans-Euro Expression

mardi 29 janvier 2019

Sleepwalkers - Despair

I bought that tape by sheer curiosity, only knowing it was part of the Atak catalogue back then.
Funny to see how the darker-than-thou/ depressive/ nihilistic aesthetic was pushed to the max on this one: somber productions? Check. Melancholic violins? Check. Someone whispering "the horror" at the end of the intro? Check. Kierkegaard quotes in the liner notes? You betcha. Tracks names including "I Hate Myself", "Despair" or "Divorce From Reality?" Hell yeah!

All jokes aside, the quality of the tracks are pretty uneven, but special mention to the less-serious ones: the hidden track on side A which is completely freestyled for instance. Or the ironic "Surfing", which kind of counterbalance some other more serious, self-loathing tracks that didn't aged well.


Divorce From Reality
Desert Druids (4-Track Version)
Knowing & Unknowing
Blood Of Enoch
I Hate Myself

Failure Of Nerve
Plague Of Misery
Harmony Of The Spheres
Off Key
Turntable Orchestra
Blood Of Nogoe
Death In The Forest

samedi 12 janvier 2019

VA - Broke Ass Summer Jam III - 98 Sampler

That cassette sampler was supposed to promote the Broke Ass Summer Jam hip hop festival build by and for (but not only) Living Legends members in 1998.
It features mostly already known singles from various LL related releases but also a couple of unreleased songs, live extracts and interludes I think.
Something for the LL completists really, and I think it was on Jibs wishlist too.

Also, I wanted to present another interesting blog I discovered a few weeks ago.
Record Recollection highlights late 90es canadian indie rap releases with indepth interviews from the artists themselves. A deep source of knowledge if you're into this.


THE GROUCH - Nothing changing
Beer After Work
Paradiso (Amsterdam Nights)
PSC - Moments Ov Life
Pressed Instr.

BFAP - Broken Glass World
Sheeple Station
ASOP - As Good As It Gets
Midnight Escapade
LIVING LEGENDS - Rythmic Cinema

vendredi 4 janvier 2019

Sanuhtayshun Duhpartment Muzik - S/T

SDM is a 5-guys group (see artwork above for members name) from Oakland who only released one single in 1997 in both cassette and vinyl formats. That's pretty much all the info available for this one.

In another news I strongly recommend this new blog by Trylemma and his pal, named Underground Fossils and which already shared a pretty rare piece in Subtitle's HTBTB 01.872 cassette.
There's other good stuff too.

Kayer re-released his debut cassette with DJ Void on the super dope Sublevel Epidemic imprint.

The seminal Seattle compilation Do The Math will exist on double vinyl pretty soon, thanks to Back 2 Da Source. Untranslated Prescription should be next!

HHV continues to reissue The Grouch's complete backcatalogue on color vinyls. After albums 1 and 2, here's albums 3 and 4.

Finally, there's 2 more vinyl releases in the works for (vulgar), hopefully out this year.



I 2 I
Never Ending

Shut Up!!!
Intelect 4 Specs