vendredi 11 septembre 2015

P.E.A.C.E. & Daddy Kev - The Green Mile

Gnou just posted a link to this album on the FakeForReal forum. It's the long-awaited album (10 years or something!) from Freestyle Fellowship's PEACE entirely produced by Daddy Kev and featuring his cousin Kits and Awol. 

Until today it was just a 11-minute sampler from Kev's Penchant For Buggery DVD, and it's now a... 11 minutes EP with track names and slightly different arrangements... At least this mp3 release is for free on RapAmazon I guess.

I really hope some label will put this on vinyl though... It's worth the wait! Nice jazzy vibe kind of reminiscent from Grouch & Kev's Sound Advice. Peep it.

Break It Down
G3 ft. Awol One
Dock Of The Bay
Time Of Your Life
Twenty One Precise Strokes
In This World Today

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