lundi 14 septembre 2015

Ceebrolistics - Spring

Another short one today: a 5-track EP from finnish rappers Ceebrolistics. 
This is from 1995, was only released on cassette and is now worth a good pile of euros.
It's also the Cee's very first release it seems. 

Although I really like their A Day Of The People In Between LP too, in the same vein (obvious influences of westcoast underground, but for the best) I always come back to that EP for the quality of the production. I really like the fresh, light hearted vibe in here and the great use of samples. Definitely something you'd bump for spring!
The only drawback is the low quality of the rip: you need to push the volume a little bit.

I really hope somebody will make a vinyl release out of this (err... I mean... Out of the original DAT/reel/whatever).

Escape From Da Planet Of Apes
Spring - In Da Galaxy Of Relaxion
Escape (Space Soar Remix)
Escape (-Freestyle Escapin...)

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