vendredi 1 juillet 2016

DJ Feadz - Stagnation Reversed 2

Back when paper rap magazine was still a thing in France, you could mailorder in each issue the latest cassette mixtapes from the local DJs. I copped a few this way but here's one I really wanted and missed at that time (2002). 
It featured a promising tracklist (a good blend of new-york and westcoast indie rap plus some more obscure electro/breakbeat stuff), a nice abstract artwork reminiscent of Mo'Wax (at least it seemed to me at the time - and by the way most of the usual mixtape artworks were so ugly and generic that things like these couldn't go unnoticed) and a solid DJ (Feadz, who I only knew was closely related to Mr Oizo -which I loved). No need to say, I was sold way before even listening a second of it.

Thanks to the internet it resurfaced on various blogs a few years ago (last time I checked it was on a couple of soundclound accounts as well). So here you go.

And yes, it was all that was expected: well mixed, some adventurous blends (Oizo vs APC or Kool Keith), a good balance of uptempo tracks and some more weird electro-oriented productions.. no big discoveries but a good, solid mixtape overall.

Face A

DJ Feadz - Intro
Mr. Oizo Vs. Beans
Sensational - Livin' It Up
Brainsick - Playin' For Keeps
Brainsick - It's My Thing
EPMD - Get Off The Bandwagon
Quasimoto - Come On Feet
Zion I ft. Planet Asia - Critical (Madlib Remix)
Declaime - Wicked Ways
D-Shade - Full Contact
J-Zone - S-H-I-D
Third Sight - Rhymes Like A Scientist
Mr. Oizo - Electro Shit Non Stop

Face B

Mr. Oizo Vs. Kool Keith
Divine Styler - Satan Dynasty Killer
Company Flow - Friend Versus Friend
G.I.T.  ft. Street Preachers - The Warning
Anti-Pop Consortium ft. L.I.F.E. & Pharoahe Monch - What Am I?
Scotty Hard ft. Sensational - Pockets Fat
Alexanders Dark Band - Greedy Cow Boy
Kool G. Rap - Verse
The Infesticons - Quarterback Theme
Murs - Murs FM
Company Flow - Infokill
Alexanders Dark Band - EH° 400
Mr. Oizo - Electro Shit Non Stop
Gang Starr - Brooklyn

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