lundi 18 juillet 2016

Netherworlds - Pals

...Talking about LL classics.. even though only Murs of the 3 MCs is an official member of that crew, that album would be ranked #1 in my opinion. Weirdly enough, it was released on Chicago's label Galapagos 4 in 2000 ('weirdly' cause it sounds so westcoast and different from the rest of the G4 releases).
As a matter of fact, year after year there's not a summer when I don't find myself playing Pals at least once (but usually a couple more time). There's a special kind of vibe in this album. First of all Anacron's productions are at his all time best, it's not a short album but there's nothing to throw away, even the skits. Then, there's a real alchemy between the MC's (the third one being Himself), and they complement each other perfectly. Lots of nice punchlines, lots of slept on hits... This is one for the ages.

"for all those that only trust the written word: this is dope. Dope in an universal kind if way, and even doper for those that enjoy the left coast mentality, blueprint and ways of doing things." - Urban Smarts

If you don't know, you need to check it immediately through Anacron's bandcamp:

The First Utterance
Uncommon (The Theme)
Fat Boys
Abandoned (No Love)
Friday Nite Special
Balls To The Wall
Cali (Souled Out)
A Love Ballad
Come Back Home
How Do You Like It
Lessons Learned
Green Daze
Netherworlds Dream (1997)
Lookmarkz  Rmx (Eyeballin') (2005)
One... Two... Three

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