dimanche 5 juin 2016

The Yukonn MC - Sweet Baby 12''

This is one of the rare 12'' produced by Boston's Record Company Records crew (even if technically it was out on Emerge Music). RCR was a short-lived indie rap label managed by producer Jeep Jack. It had a rather confidential success although it managed to be highlighted in France's small indie rap circles in the early 00es (articles and mixtapes in HHSection and HHCore, various appearances in Waxexpress' seminal compilation Projet Chaos and various local mixtapes). 
They had Aesop Rock's twin voice in Microft Holmes and a couple of real 'hits' (if I may say so), in Elation's Springfever 12'' and this one, Yukonn's Sweet Baby.
The parallel with the french indie rap scene is not over yet: I first heard of this track through Klub des Loosers' Fuzati (french rapper) rapping over Sweet Baby's instrumental on a mixtape freestyle. I didn't know who made that beat at first but always thought it fitted perfectly Fuzati's style, a kind of light, humorous beat sampled from maybe a cheap cartoon or something.
I stumbled upon the real version of Sweet Baby a few years later, bought the 12'' and had the pleasure to realise that the 2 other tracks on it (Lethal Weapon with Insight on both prod and raps and Underrated River) were as good as Sweet Baby if not better.
I didn't found a proper rip of the 12'' so I did one from my own copy, enjoy.

Sweet Baby
Sweet Baby (Instrumental)
Lethal Weapon ft. Insight
The Underrated River
The Underrated River (Instrumental)
Lethal Weapon (Instrumental)
Lethal Weapon (Accapella)

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