mercredi 27 juillet 2016

Lab Waste - Monochrome World + Tour Mix-CD

This one is a tour-only cd-r from Lab Waste's 2008 Crev Or Die Tour. The tour was something like 8 shows in France (plus one in Netherlands I think).
Lab Waste was the super duo formed by 2 influential figures of the westcoast underground: Subtitle (aka Giovanni Marks, Westcoast Workforce and Shifters affiliate, released dope super lo-fi albums - some on GSL, giant and super-fast talker) and Thavius Beck (aka Adlib, Global Phlowtations, released dope instrumental albums on Mush, worked with Saul Williams and Trent Reznor, more the quiet type).

Their first album Zwarte Achtegrond (2005) is an underrated classic of rap & electronica blend (to put it in context it was the era "glitch rap" was the hip thing for the average rap fan.. so it was right on point and put them on some slight more media exposure despite a relatively unknown label). 

Some tracks on this album where supposed to be featured on their next album, and it's still weird to think labels like Big Dada or Lex passed and prefered to bet on stuff like Jneiro Jarel or Spank Rock. Anyways... This is a collection of those unreleased tracks and remixes.
There's also a mix Subtitle did for the iHeartComix blog at the end, plus! I added another 24 minutes long continuous mix Lab Waste were selling as another merch cd on this very tour (it was another item with no title or artwork).

Everywhere Anywhere
Duran Roberto Demo
I Don't Go Out
System Of A Down Ass Nickel
Mega Attitude
People Talk About Us
Secret Elemental Block 03
Stuntman Drugs
Megadditude (Sebastien Casino Remix)
Show Dance Mix (For iHeartComix)

+ Bonus Tour Mix-CD

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