lundi 11 juillet 2016

US Pros - Have You Seen Us?

This is a repost from Ghetto Tyylit's. 
US Pros were a Living Legends- related group composed by ex Log Cabin member Knows (aka Pooridge), Very (also in AfroClassics with Scarub) and Timsears which is not featured on this third and last album of the Pros.
I chose this one because it's by far the most solid of the 3 and in a general way, US Pros are pretty underrated and their releases difficult to find. 
Emceeing is on point all the way through with a few nice cameos. Productions are a great surprise: very diverse stylistically,  and original without falling into "weird to be weird" traps... There's some true bangers on it too ('Ch'ps' for instance, but there's more), some more minimal ones, but it sounds right almost every time.
More ex-members of Log Cabin are featured on the production credits, like Sahga or Magi (aka Tom Slick), which left us wondering were are all the other dope post-Log Cabin projects? Do they even exist? Can we have some more?

It truly deserve a place next to the handful of LL classics although it didn't have half the exposure it deserved. 

Who? Intro
US... Love / Hate
As If We Never Left
Name Game
Movement ft. Pariah
Da Whoomp
Larry Elder
Ch'ps ft. Sahga
Future Of Music
Keep On Continue
Have You Seen Us? ft. Scarub & Voice Watson
Have Fun
Ohhh Yeaahh (Outro)
Bonus Track

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