lundi 1 août 2011

Mr Aeks - Savagery's Blunted Blade

This one's from 1999. Mr Aeks is the beatmaker from San Jose group KHZ Devils, his album was released on Dave Dub's Isolated Wax imprint. Shitload of guest mcs, incl. personal favorites Zest The Smoker and Dave himself... Artwork by Mr. Doze Green.


Face A

Breeze ft. Zest The Smoker
In A Nutshell ft. Megabusive
Say Something ft. Bzy Moe & Persevere
Triple Six ft. KHZ Devils
Off The Top ft. Axeom
Subliminal Slang ft. Pablo
Intimate Conversation ft. Koan Able
Eternal Family ft. Constylations
Ash Tray ft. KHZ Devils

Face B

Everywhere And Anywhere ft. Kefing The Asiatic & Zygote
Speculations ft. A-One
Suitcase Synopsis ft. Noah Dee Akili & Tape Master Steph
Listening For... ft. Q
Internal Revenue Service ft. Tobias & Ill Traxx
Listening For ft. Bzy Moe
Never Still Born ft. Dave Dub

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