dimanche 31 juillet 2011

Lexicon - More / Sundays

Not the most interesting one i admit, but i put it for historic value... This might be the very first Lexicon promo tape, probably around 98... Those 2 tracks never appeared on any albums or 12", there's the mention of Library Crew on the cover (an old collective build around Subtitle for what i know), and surprise, an uncredited Mr Marks himself appears on the bonus track called "Wizardy" which is really "More" with... him.
One of the Lex guy sounds a lot like LMNO too...
(PS- This guy IS actually LMNO... The tape is from 98 and about 20 of those exist. Thanks to Damien/Laitdbac and the Lexicon guys for the tip.)


Face A

More (Dirty)
More (Beats)
Wizardy (Bonus)

Face B

Sundays (Dirty)
Sundays (Beats)

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