lundi 8 août 2011

Shape Shifters - Girl Power Vol.1

This is a somewhat rare tour-tape by the Shape Shifters, lots of known tracks from various Shapes album or la2thebay-related artists on this... One for the true collectors. Love the cover also!

Here Face A
Here Face B

Face A

Beatle Borg
Zumthing Different
Girls Dipped In Chocolate
Pond Scum
Access The Light Body
Funky Honky
Concievable Evidence
Da Socias Have Taken Over
The Callendar
Swollen Brain Fish
Can U See?
Goods 4 Yhaz
Stop Yer Playa Hate'in
Cheese E. Chuck

Face B

Ignite Jupiter
Squash Da Beef
A Lil Piece O Heaven
Into The Spectrum
Pepsi On Tha Record
Kooky Crazy Robot Eye
Every Day
1st Day Of The Rest of Your Life

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