dimanche 14 août 2011

Joseph Young & Anonymous - Rossi Nights & Malibu Mornings

The only guy that dares post up here wanted some Joe Dub to enlighten his summer days. So here you go: a a tape from 2000 produced by Anonymous (aka Neosapien from Log Cabin aka Anti MC of Mush Records), a nice line-up of guest: Subtitle, Megabusive, Radio, Liferexall, Premo.. the whole Westcoast Workforce in action.
Beware though: the 2 first tracks are almost unlistenable due to tape fuck-ups, the rest is ok.


Face A

Rossi Nights
I Was Born...
Clientele ft. Premonition
3 Kings
Ninety Nine
Pillow Talk ft. Liferexall

Face B

Tired ft. Megabusive & Radioinactive
Suga & Sade
Game Is Afoot ft. Subtitle
My Vision
Malibu Mornings

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