mardi 23 janvier 2018

Masters Of The Universe - Classics EP

That's a strange choice of name for that EP that could be renamed "6 random tracks from the MOTU back-catalogue (including 3 freestyles)". 
See, the freestyles are ok, the Matrix (Odessa Kane's old alias) track is very good, then the 2 tracks left are off 2 great albums by MOTU members (12 Kommandments and Universe Horror Nites). 

So, not reaally your typical 'classics' compilation but more of a nice little EP reprinted on cd-r by Orko a few years ago. 
It's worth mentioning that this was previously available for download on Ghetto Tyylit as "Innercity Productions EP". It was the same tracks but on one file of about 30 minutes.
Inner City Productions is actually the person credited for the productions on my cd-r.

No relation, I've recently heard that HHV in Germany is planning to reissue the first two Grouch's albums on double vinyl (Don't Talk To Me - a personal favorite, and Nothing Changes). The release date is set for march but you can already pre-order them. Urrayy!

MATRIX - Eve Of Destruction
ECLIPSE HERU - Freestyle
THIRD RAIL - Freestyle
ATOM 12 - It's A Risk They Take
SHAMEN 12 & ODESSA KANE - Freestyle

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  2. salut etienne je cherche un album tres rare de hip hop australien c'est "046 - LIFE" sorti en 1995 je l'ai vue sur discogs mais y'a rien dans google :s est-ce que tu pourrait essayé de le posté ca serais cool !!! peace and real hip hop 4evaaa