vendredi 2 février 2018

Z-Man - 4 Hours Of Sleep (Ltd ed. LP)

Very proud to announce the vinyl reissue of this Bay Area classic 4-track album on my one-man label.
It was his second solo effort, originally made in 98, then released in 99 as handmade cassettes. Atak later made a small cd-r rerun of these. 

It's considered by most his best, and it's one my favorite rap album ever.
Productions are handled 3/4 by Slim Goodworth of 99th Demention and 1/4 by Vrse Murphy of Sacred Hoop. 

There's only 200 copies of this, and it comes with an A4 insert incl. an interview with Z about the making of 4 Hours.

If you're not familiar with it, let's say it's completely raw, eccentric, delirious.. Super dope. There's a couple of tracks' chorus and lines that will stuck in your head for the rest of your life.

The vinyl version is short of 3 tracks compared to the cassette version due to lack of space.

You can listen and buy it:


... Enjoy and thanks for your support! Each cent will go to the making of another dope vinyl reissue.

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  1. Nice! Will be buying this.

    Awol One - A Twisted Messiah Dub (I think there's a rip floating around out there)
    The Beat Cave & Awol One - Demons & Angels

  2. Hey Etienne, just wondering if you or anyone who reads this has access to the Red Tide EP Rogue MC's. I have everything else they've put out as a group, if you need any of it just ask.

    1. do you have a 7'' affiliated to Red Tide called Pluto Faction - Future Pop 7''?

    2. Red Tide - Rogue MC's:

  3. Hey, sorry I forgot I posted this, just now came back. Thanks for posting, I don't have the Pluto Faction but I have every other Red Tide I know of, do you need any?

  4. Cool dude. This blog is tight, I've found stuff here I've never seen before, thanks!