dimanche 7 janvier 2018

Richport The Savior - Type Of Shit I'm On Vol.1 'Through Crookid Eyes'

"From the KPs vaults vol.48": today, Richport The Savior's Type Of Shit I'm On Vol.1!
Released in 2005 on Emmoworks, which is the label that released most of Zaire Black & June22's work (also Ras Ceylon's stuff and the Youth Internationals 12'' I've posted a while ago).

The album, entirely produced by Richport and June22, is pretty long (28 tracks!) but got a couple of nice tracks, despite the rawness of the sound quality.
There's a 7'' that includes two of the tracks in it also.

In another news Beetbak got that dope cassette reissue of the underrated masterpiece that is Inoe One's Master Relm out with a bonus track and additional liner notes, so it should be on top of your wishlist for the new year.

There's an unearthed The Nonce album planned to be released on Family Groove for 2018 and called "1990", no need to say much, my money is already saved for that one (check their instagram).

Snuf One aka Age, the guy responsible for the dope Raised by Seuss album reissue on his Untek Rec label recently discovered a batch of unsold stock of his 1997 "Simpleton" beat tape and it's pretty dope. Each artwork is unique apparently, and stock is hella limited.

That's it for the indie rap consumer minute.

RIP Ganjah K.

Stolen Moment
No Dickies Allowed
War Is Coming
What Road To Choose
Drop The Bumrush
Don't Block The Sunlight
Take The Bus With Us
The Art Of Facts
Certified Liveness
Rhymez N Bullshit
World Of Words
Nitetime Minutes
Usual Suspects
Break The Chains
The Science
Burn The Ignorance
Raise Yo Fist
Don't Fuck Around
Dealin Wit
Young Profits
Bonus Track

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  1. Yeah the nonce interesting a unearthed Album Hmm nice 🍀☘

  2. Peace... donyou have a way to send me a copy of this? I lost a lot of my original music from this time. Would love to get a digital copy emailed if you wouldn’t mind hooking up one of the artists

    On instagram? I’m @xistheweapon

    Peace and thanks for the love!