jeudi 6 avril 2017

Looking for that Anacron 12''

This is my "Moby Dick" item, the one you're chasing year after year, trying to collect info while barely making any progress and dreaming you'll stumble upon it by complete luck.

This is Anacron's very first single: Out There b/w Interstellar Phenomenon.
He made a digital re-release on his bandcamp a couple of years ago and it mentioned a vinyl version existed. I'm collecting westcoast undergound vinyls for years and never even heard of that one, no need to say I was hyped! 
But after a few months, still nothing, not even a picture or somebody mentioning it, nothing even proving it was once sold or being part of someone's collection!
I asked Anacron on twitter and he confirmed: 350 copies were pressed in 1995 and everything was hand sold, mostly in Europe and Japan! 350... It's not huge but it's not nothing either. How come nobody seems to own this?

So here's my call: if you have any info, picture, whatever, you own one, you know someone who owns one or did, you ever saw a copy in a shop, or even better, you're willing to sell one to me for whatever price... please hit that comment section.

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