jeudi 20 avril 2017

Western Union - Off With Their Heads

This cassette is from 1996, from a California crew called Western Union.
From what I get the WU later became Dojo Pros (producer Asterix aka Sueno One plus mcs L.O.R.D. and Wu Shu -same guy as Contakt?). Pretty straight forward hardcore hip hop with nice uptempo prods, definitely something to check.

In a related subject I'm looking for anything WU/Dojo Pros related, their Look Out 12'', L.O.R.D. solo albums and singles, etc. Don't hesitate to hit the comment section with links if you have some. Thanks.

3/4 To Life
Lyrical Whatever
Blunt Statements
Last Battle
Border Lines
Mind Focus
Union Soldiers
Eternal Journal
Organize Graffiti
Supreme Beings
Live Or Die
Record History
L.O.R.D.'s Intro

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