mercredi 22 mars 2017

Little Larry & Bas One (Psychoplasmz) - Cytoplasmic

I got to know Psychoplasmz while looking for Insiduous Urban Records releases.
That bay area label released all the Mission:/CCR records and related (Headnodic), Foreign Legion, solo Bas-1 stuff, the classic DJ Serg westcoast mixtape, and a couple of more obscure stuff, including a Psychoplasmz 7'', a group consisting of Bas-1 (Oakland) and Little Larry (Berkeley).

This is a compilation from 2011 put together by Little Larry and consisting of all the materials by the group. You even got the 2 tracks from the 7''.


Am I Deranged?
Pass Me The Blunt
Land Of The Nymphos
I'm Back Snitch
Legendary Lyricist
The Recipe
Let's Not Lose It
Psycho By The Candle Lite
Sneek A Peek
Watergun Fun
World Dance
Little Larry (Instramental)
Bas One (Instramental)

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