dimanche 18 octobre 2015

Hobo Junction - Secret Service (Demo Tape)

This tape has been floating on the web for some time, not sure if it's from the Ghetto Tyylit guys or else. There's also a rip on youtube with the Limited Edition artwork (no relation though).
So, no real artwork nor official tracklist exist to my knowledge but I've been able to figure some of the tracks in there. Some are demo version of later-released tracks from the Hobos, some are just unreleased. Any additional info would help, don't hesitate to hit the comment section.
Beware, the audio quality is like a 8th generation cassette dub.

Track 1
Track 2 ("Time And Space")
Track 3
Track 4 ("BIG NOUS - Questions")
Track 5 ("F U Sound")
EYECUE - The Crooked Eye Letter 
Track 7
Track 8 ("A Rare Visit Of The Magic One")
Track 9 ("Taylor Made")
Track 10
Track 11 (Call It what You Want / Do Or Die")
BIG NOUS - Fatal Thoughts
EYECUE - Dirt Hustlin'
BIG NOUS - The Harvest
SAAFIR - On A Scope
Track 16
Track 17

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