mardi 20 octobre 2015

Socialistik - Float To It 12''

This excellent '96 12'' single is by Sacramento's Socialistik.
I first heard it on japanese DJ S-Ky The Cookinjax' great "Represent Underground" mix-cd a few years ago. 
The instrumental is a somewhat bite (?) of DJ Cam's "Sang Lien" from his 95 Underground Vibes album. Love the hipnotic vibe.
Not sure if it's really rare, copies over discogs are expensive but there's still cheap copies floating on the web from time to time.

Float To It
Float To It (Dub)
Rap Addicts
Rap Addicts (Instrumental)

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  1. thanks blog is back
    socialistik – Ghettoguerillatactiks?


  2. tnks men very hard to find!

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