jeudi 28 juillet 2011

Log Cabin / Universouls - LA Experimental / Westcoast Underground

2017 Edit:
I just changed the link to a new, better sounding rip of my cassette. Still not thee perfect sound, there's still hiss background, but this time the rip is much louder. 320kbps mp3.

Original Post:
I bought this one with a batch of other LL tapes a few years ago on ebay. There's no tracklist on it.
Prior to that, all i knew was the bootleg floating on slsk with varying tracklists and track names.
Recently, finnish homie/collector Kaliyuga Pro gave me a tracklist Anti MC (Neosapien back then) posted on a msg board years ago, which led me to these facts: a. it matched my tape b. the slsk bootlegs were wrong versions and more of a track collection (for instance Submental is not a Log Cabin track but a Miscellaneous Minds one, an early Eligh/Scarub/Savant Young group, and therefore not featured on my tape) c. that actual tape compiled 2 albums: LA Experimental by Log Cabin, then Westcoast Underground by Universouls (Radio, Malik, Sahga & Tom Slikk). The second one is entirely produced by Elusive.
A last thing: the sound of my rip isn't the best one unfortunately... But at least it's the real deal.


Face A

Collective Meditations
Erotica (Remix)
Virtual Reality
Acid Reign
(When I Put On) My Uniform
(Ultraviolet) Sunspray
Melancholy Manuscripts

Face B

Time And Space

Collective Meditations (Remix)
Peace Of Mind
Supreme Strategy
Trophy Ho's
3 Course Meal
Who's Child Is This?
Entr'Acte Half Time
Thus The Balance (Angel Smog)
If It's Real
Lost In Space

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  1. AAaaahhhhhHHHhhh ! !! ! !!! Pffff .. . . trop bien !! ! Quelle chance ! !! ! Je la cherche desespérement ! !! Merci !!

  2. thanks for this man. i've had that slsk one for years thinking it's the real deal. props

  3. Please contact me?!?! I am interested in buying this tape or getting a copy made please, thank you :)

  4. hey thanks for uploading this higher quality rip. any way you could dub me a copy of this version on cassette? thanks homie

    1. Hi. My cassette device is f. up and I can't make dubs, sorry.