vendredi 29 juillet 2011

Imprints - Homeless Tea Party

A one-sided cassette EP from an early Tommy V. I chose it because i never saw it anywhere, so I guess this one's for the hardcore la2thebay collector nerds... And also, i love TV and I think he's way underrated.
There's 3 tracks + 1 instru, one is TV rapping with what seems to be his little cousins, and a long posse cut starring Awol One about controlling your emotions.


I Fall In Love 2 Fast ft. Slopoke & Noname
I Fall In Love 2 Fast (Instrumental Version)
At Least Freestyle Battle ft. Hedgehog, Esteban, Carla & Rebeca
Control Your Emotions ft. Awol One, Virus, Gel Roc, Noname, Origin & DJ Roach

1 commentaire:

  1. ...C'est vraiment chouette... je m'attendais à un truc moyen et en fait j'aime beaucoup. Ca donne envie de réécouter les "classiques" de Tommy V!