lundi 28 mai 2018

U.S.F. - Unstoppable Force EP

I came across this vinyl through Luke Sick's zine Let's Side which had a full article about this one and some of interesting hindsight about the Redwood City hardcore/rap scene.

There's a couple of influential underground hip hop acts from there, some of them sharing members with hardcore bands like Spazz or Plutocracy. So it's not a total surprise if that EP was released in 2001 on a hardcore-centered label, Family Of Resistance.

USF stands for United Sicko Foundation or Unstoppable Force and includes, amongst others, members Stinkweed (RIP, also part of 152 other Bay Area bands) and DJ Eons One, who produced some of the cuts.

If you like this EP don't forget to check the post-mortem Stinkweed Bandcamp put together by Eons, there's most of his rap-related work for free download. Some of the Shed Dwellaz material has been recently reissued by Ormolycka on cassette btw.


Puff Dank Stuff Bank
Don't Fuck With The Doom Crue
Group Therapy
Hands Of Doom(Ryde)

Tape Out The Deck
Demonic Harmonics
Chemically Treated
What A Long Strange Dip It's Been

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  2. salut je cherche un album asser chaud a trouver c'est "Elineye ‎– Incoming" sorti en 2001 si tu peux le posté ça serais cool !! peace and real hip hop 4evaaa