mardi 15 mai 2018

SFSM - Fountains And Raps

This is a rather confidential SFSM album, courtesy of Kaliyuga Pro.. I don't even have a visual for this so I used this visual borrowed to Ghetto Tyylit which mentions it (that "Street Rockers" album is next btw). Not even sure if it was cassette or cd. 
While we're talking SFSM prepare for a vinyl reissue of Word Of Mouth released by Chaz by the end of the year also.

And while we're talking vinyl reissue, hope everybody got his copy of The Nonce' "1990" or more surprisingly the picture disc reissue of Living Legends' Almost Famous.

Finally, prepare for a brand new vinyl release by yours truly, probably for this fall. 

Z-Man's 4 Hours of Sleep is now available at VINYLResistance (Geneva, Switzerland), Park Blvd Records (Oakland, CA.), HHV and Vinyl-Digital (Germany) and finally our Bandcamp and BigCartel.
Big thanks to anyone who already purchase from us!

Oblique (Remix)
103.3 SFSM Radio Libre
Street Signs
Let My Spirits Go
Dank Right
W.C. (Without C)
Magik Pt.1
Mixed Nuts (Instrumental)
Magik Pt.2
103.3 SFSM Radio Libre
Head To Toe
Fountains And Raps
10th Ave
Fee Song
Rap Is About
Orange Juice And A Kiss
The More The Merries

10 commentaires:

  1. Cant wait 4 that Street made my day!!!

  2. merci pour ce skeud que je ne connaissais pas il est vraiment bon !!! peace and real hip hop 4evaaa

  3. Wow, I appreciate it, thank you.
    Etienne you have SFSM - SF Weekly Cassette, I wanted to find the rip?

    1. SF Weekly is another of these compilations with lots of already-known tracks on it: as you can see on the tracklist most of it is from either Noise Pollution or Rap Moguls (another comp that you can find on Thisisforthehustlers). So there's no point to look for it really.

  4. Plz share that average Joe 96 with us! thx

  5. Do you have that Humble Foot? Or The Disturbers ‎– Negusa Negast

  6. which year around this was released?