mercredi 2 mai 2018

The Jedeyes - Experiment 31

Another rather confidential group from San Jose (yes, lots of Zae Town material on this blog.. one of the most under-appreciated / underrated hip hop scene that is).

They share a member in Yota One with Kosmic Four. The rest of the crew member list is rather vague: depending on if you check this vinyl LP or their other release, the "It's Not What You Think!!!" cassette, there's a bunch of Star Wars-derivative pseudos mentioned as part of the group, and it's different on each album... so, hard to tell who are the Jedeyes really.

Both albums share a couple of tracks, although the vinyl is not just a selection from the longer cassette, it has some unreleased tracks as well, such as the opener "Jedeye Philosophy".

Musically the album is rather refreshing, jumping from classic straight boom bap numbers to a couple of more experimental tracks here and there and a large array of influences (dub, Sun Ra...). There's something for everyone in there. Have a listen!

Jedeye Philosophy ft. Kosmic 4
The Most High
Electric Dino Tribalized
Freestyle Improv
Earth Memories

I'd Rather Be Broke (& Have My Respect)
Jazz Break
We Keep The Shakers Shakin
Who's Watching Who
You Can't Get None

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