samedi 31 mars 2018

Dorn The Overseer - California Dream EP

I didn't know the guy and copped this (only?) EP, released in 2004, by sheer curiosity.
As far as I know he's from Ventura or somewhere in the LA area and the label, Abstrakt Konfusion, seemed to group a couple of guys from there (Venomous Voices, High Dro, DJ AK... none of them are familiar but they apparently got a batch of others cd releases as well).

So the obvious appealing factor is the presence of Lootpack members on a track, "Relic": production by Madlib and featuring DJ Romes as well as another MC called Ayol. The track is alright, but nothing too crazy. I'm more into the flip side: "Respect" with its nice ATCQ sample and the super funky "Use Your Brain". Even Dorn seem more comfortable with his flow on this type of productions than on the anti wack mcs numbers of the A side.

Word Is Dorn
Master Competitor
Relic ft. Ayol & DJ Romes

Respect ft. Venomous Voices
Use Your Brain
Behind The Mic

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