vendredi 9 mars 2018

DJ RasCue / Eb.F Interview // Westakoasta website

DJ Rascue from Various Blends recently posted on the comment section of this site.
We agreed to do a mail interview and I just posted it on this new Westakoasta site -which is basically  a tumblr with some of the interviews I did in the past with hip hop artists, plus new ones.

Learn more about C.O.D., the pre-Hobo Junction/ Skhool Yard/ VB crew, what causes Rasco to leave for a solo career, how Peanut Butter Wolf got his name, why there's an unreleased VB album filled with dope collabos and all the unreleased material that awaits to be heard:

In another news, we still got some copies of this amaaaaazing Z-Man "4 Hours of Sleep" vinyl reissue here. Every cent will go on the next vinyl release. 
Thanks a lot to those who already purchased!

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