lundi 9 avril 2018

Justin Morales - S/T

Straight up, with its first cassette-only album, San Jose-native Justin Morales won at least (and by large) the coolest/most honest/wtf/crevest (for Subtitle relatives) cover award.
It might seems a weird choice in an era where image is everything and your place on the hip hop credibility scale dictates how much success you might have but here it is. You can't get much realer than this, don't you? 

Now you know exactly what to expect: raw, honest hip hop made with small equipment. And frankly the result is pretty nice and refreshing. 

I don't know much about Justin other than this tape is the first of 3 albums, it was probably released through Atak in the late 90es although I don't know for sure. And the guy got a group called Tech Lab with BC Ghost and got featured on a finnish crew/ compilation, Blue Phantoms Network (-I told you before, fins know their westcoast underground better than you and me). Speaking of that, this rip was brought you by the one and only, Kaliyuga Pro from Helsinki.

edit- You can find more recent music by Justin here:

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Memoir Of Anguish Pt.2
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Seeds & Stems
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