lundi 4 décembre 2017

Persevere - Void Filler

At last! One of the oldest item on the wishlist is finally down, thanks to a friendly anonymous benefactor (eternal props to him!).
The elusive first and only Persevere album released in 2000 on Isolated Wax. Most of the material is known there, the Stones Throw 12'' joints, the 7'' track, but there's still a couple of never-heard tracks on it.
In case you didn't know Persevere released another solo joint 3 years ago called "Meet Jesse Medina" (his real name).

In another news, the Beetbak homies just released another cassette, Folk Hop Blues by DK NoDeal (formerly known as DK Toon from Beneath The Surface, etc.) and another one by EX2's Syndrome228 should be out soon.

San Diego producer Milky Wayne who released the classic Homesick compilation back in 2001 just released "Homesick 2.0, Still Ill" on cassette with another batch of dope MCs, available through RLK.

Annd.. The Third Sight 12'' & 7" we were talking about a while ago is finally out on Sanctimonious Records

My Low End Strange
Beta Boy 2G ft. Dave Dub & Zest The Smoker
The Great Escape
From A Place Called SJ ft. Dave Dub
Four Corners Of Freestyle
Thought Provoking ft. Encore
To The Beat
Ideal Paradise

7 commentaires:

  1. Wow, one of the rarest, a long time on the wish list
    thank you.

  2. Nice! Thank you for this, and for the shout-out!

    1. You're welcome.
      Is the zine/ paper version of Beetbak still in the works? looking forward to that.

  3. OMG at last!!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. salut Etienne je suis a la recherche d'un album de hip hop japonais c'est celui ci : "Dassen 3 ‎– Bachillka" sorti en 1995 mais introuvable :s est-ce que tu pourrait le posté ça serais cool !! peace and real hip hop 4evaaaa =)

  5. Peace! Thank you for the re-post, and shout out. I obtained this physical copy of Void Filler from Sidus Idiom, and unearthed the MP3s of this gem of an album into circulation after 17 of being restricted to SJ, California. Thanks again for the post.