jeudi 23 novembre 2017

Visual Training - Contrapuntale Rhythms

As requested, this tape from San Jose group Visual Training thanks to Jack Devo from Beetbak. 
I don't know much on them..  It's comprised of Mr. Ceye and Retina Etcetera, this is their first album from 2000 and sounds like impros over super dry beats. There's another cassette album that I don't have, so if you do holla.
They have guest appearances on SJ comps Outerbodied, San Jose Finest and Agriculture as well.
There's no tracklist on this.

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  1. Etienne you can ask for Kaliyuga Pro for rip this tape

    1. I will but he doesn't have rips of all these items on discogs. He sold some of them and in some case he didn't save a digital version of it.

  2. Réponses
    1. Oh sh. you're right! Benefactors mix up :/ ! Sorry bout this, I'm editing.