samedi 16 décembre 2017

UBC (Under Bomber Corporation) - Simple Logic

A pretty rare San Jose-related project (hence the Sharks logo on the left), Simple Logic is credited as UBC for Under Bomber Corporation (yes, related to the Underbombers/ Sub Contents, etc.) but it's more a Camp Crystal Lake side-project really.

I first heard about it from a SJ local who had a 4-tracks-only version (one of these tracks not being on this cassette!). He told me it was a demo, probably from '98, given away by members.

The roster was Zest The Smoker, Keno, Pablo (that's Peaceshine, him are Keno are known as the Knivin Bastards -with various spelling) and a guy named Phil (no idea who this is).
During the course of the tape I'm pretty sure I spotted a guy named Clishade who was on the Camp Crypt B-Sidez compilation. Oh, and there's Persevere on a guest joint too, by the end.

The tape is slightly less dark and menacing than the previous CCL releases musically, although the lyrics are still murderous. Beats are slow, like usual, but more in a chill-y vibe this time. It's a pretty cool tape to zone to.

I spotted this og copy from a big collector recently who bought it at show in San Jose in 1998. I first thought I bought the 4-tracks EP I already had as a second-hand dub, but, surprise!, here's 60 minutes and 18 new tracks of full CCL-related goodness.
I noticed on the B side a couple of tracks spotted on Zest's "The Smoker Filez" comp, namely a medley of "Funkcun" and "Blossom", then Triple Threat with Persevere and a full version of Bumrusch (it's separated in 2 parts on the comp).
Another fun find, the last track of the A side is Teddy Pendergrass' "Be For Real" in almost its entirety (sounds familiar?).

Here's my rip. I added the track that wasn't on the EP version at the end, you'll notice a slight sound quality change. Also, there was absolutely no info on the back cover, no tracklist either. I added some track names for reference, feel free to change it. Enjoy!


18 untitled tracks + 1 bonus cut

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