samedi 1 juillet 2017

Tenshun - Lathes & 7" Pack

I have this stack of super limited lathe cuts, mostly cut by 10shun himself and for the most dating back around 2008. Although the sound is quite cheap (partly cause of the lathe cut quality, partly cause of my shitty set-up and partly cause most of his beats are saturated as fck.) I thought this would interest the super collector nerds that hadn't the chance to cope it while they could.
I also added several pics of the records cause most of his packages are super on point and helps you get into his world.


Death Cage LC
Deformed Bodies LC
Suffer LC
System Examination LC
Untitled LC
Mental Suicide 6'' Flexi
Skrapez #5 7'' (Psychopop split)
Death Knockin' 7''
Mormon Freegan split 7''
Youth:Kill split 7''
Walter Gross Vs. The World split 10'' LC
Kill Yer Self Zine pics

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