samedi 24 juin 2017

Record Players - S-T

This is the first Record Players album, 7 untitled tracks only released on cassette in 1999 by San Jose label Highground.
The R.P. roster changed with time, this first draft consists of Joe Dub, Neila and Brandon B (of Supermarket) and on productions San Jo's Pilot Rase and Dick Jones. Most of the tracks were made during a session in Phoenix, AZ in 1999 minus one Joe Dub track from 1997.
A rather rare to find item with a couple of real nice cuts.

I strongly advise to check Direct Drive if you didn't already, the second (well, third but it's really a cd reprint of the second, "Two Thousand And One") very underrated  RP album that I end up playing a couple of times every summer.

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