jeudi 20 juillet 2017

Tangent - Lost Then Found

That album was requested a long time ago and I'm happy to present it at last, thanks to Kaliyuga Pro -once again- who provided the rip.
Tangent is a MC from Salt Lake City, and part of the Furthermore trio. Lost Then Found is his first album, released in 1996.
I didn't listen to it enough to have a definite opinion yet but this far I'd say this is good... Pretty dope actually. Productions are varied and well crafted, emceeing is well on point... Give it a check, you won't regret.

In other great, non-related news, Wiz1 the producer from Blak Forest / Circle Of Power recently announced a 20th anniversary reissue of the classic "You Are Now Entering..." with bonus and unreleased materials.. We'll keep an eye on that, believe it!

Another great news, the upcoming release of, not one but two! Third Sight vinyls, thanks to Sanctimonious Records. Both releases will consist of tracks off TS' recent Orchids & Corpses old material compilation, and will have 6 tracks on a EP, and the other one will be a 7'' with both versions of Gun Shot Victim. Better believe I'll bag both of these! I'll post links whenever it's officially out.


Frequencies ft. Fisher
Infected ft. Fisher
Jive Talkin ft. Fisher
Drunken Fist ft. Fisher
Crossroads ft. Fisher, Gunnar & Mark
Trick Circus

8 commentaires:

  1. Holy shit, this is very rare, man
    i only saw this on an old blog a long time ago

  2. salut j'ai un petit album pour toi de 2003 au cas ou tu serais passé a coté voici : peace and real hip hop 4evaaa

  3. salut je cherche 2 albums instrumentaux mais je n'arrive plus a mettres la main dessus : Taylorr Runn - Play It Back Again et the instrumentals tjr du meme artiste! si tu peux me trouver ça etienne !! lache pas ton blog peace !!!