lundi 19 juin 2017

Ill-Phonix - End To End

Ill-Phonix is a group from Phoeniz, AZ. 
That being said I don't know much else about them, I copped this vinyl by sheer curiosity and have mixed feelings about it. I still ripped it since it wasn't available anywhere.. Make up your own mind!

In other news, there's a batch of interesting stuff to cope recently:

Dave Dub and Haez One just released their dope first collab album, The Broken Uglies, only digital for now but cds and cassettes soon to come.

SFSM did a reprint of Long Live Or Die Trying on vinyl (great title, great album.. hopefully more to come).

Then this upcoming compilation of rare demos by New Mexico's Empty Pockets by the World Wide Wax label from germany that already brought you the 3 Shades Of Rhythm 3LP reissue.

The good folks over at Beetbak just release a cassette compilation with a tight line-up. All the benefits will go to Jean (of Nga Fsh's "Jean In Da Front Row").

T.Spillman also have his first cassette release on his Independent Studies label, a beat tape from Zay Town's Mr Aeks called Lunch Buffet.

And finally, my very own Westakoasta cd version, a mixtape dedicated to the westcoast underground.

Back to the Ill-Phonix:


Empty Mediums
Program Virus
Public Out Cry & Untitled
Never Again
Dragon Saliva
Garage Days
Fishing Through Ashtrays
Oxy Moron

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