vendredi 26 mai 2017

Various Blends - Fanna Burn

Various Blends is a duo comprised of Friz-B and EB F aka RasCue or RastaCueTip from San Mateo, Bay Area. 
Rasco was briefly part of the band (that's him on the original Chill As I Flex 12'', later replaced by Del for the LP version) then moved on to a solo career.
Their first album, Levitude was released in 2000. According to their bio on the Urban Umpires site:
"The release was received well, but failed to breakthrough due to the closure of the label (Baraka). Soon they found another home with No Mayo Records where they recorded their second full-length CD Fanna Burn in 2002. The CD was never released as the label ran into financial trouble and folded in 2003."

Weirdly enough an instrumental 12'' of Fanna Burn exists (pictured above), but that's not what I'm offering here (if somebody got it, an upload would be welcome though), but a rip of the 5 tracks that are floating on their old myspace page. Not even the full release then, but again, if you have this, holla...

Cordless Mics ft. Pismo & Rasco
How Many Stars ft. L'Roneous
Keep It Movin
Fanna Burn ft. Rakaa Iriscience
How Soon We Forget

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