dimanche 7 mai 2017

Formless Figures - S/T

Somebody asked many times about the Formless Figures album in the requests, so here's a rip of my vinyl.
I must admit I didn't know much about them until recently and well, that was a pleasant surprise.

Formless Figures are a group from Detroit, MI consisting on MC Dial 81 (also known as FR.eeze in Level Jumpers, now an electronica artist), DJ Mr Pickles (released a couple of solo stuff as well), plus musicians/producers Picturetone, Secondhand and Scrapbook Memoir.

Although Dial's emceeing is very much on point, the productions are what sold me over that album that went completely under the radar at a time (somewhere between 2002 and 2004, depending on the source) were it would have been a proud addition to any solid indie rap labels such as Anticon, Galapagos4, Rhymesayers, you name it.
It's pretty rare to have a cohesive feel on a whole lp without sounding repetitive or boring, but that's what this album does. The first two tracks are particularly good: Sound Asleep opens with a dreamy, eerie soundscape before a fat kick starts; whereas Life In A Napkin is all about that beautiful theme change in the middle of the track: there's work and finesse in the productions.

That was their first and only album as Formless Figures. A 13-track cd apparently exist and they released a super limited (150 copies) vinyl version that contains only the first 10 tracks (this rip). If somebody got the cd version and is willing to share, I'd appreciate.


Sound Asleep
Life In A Napkin
Peaceful ft. Sol46
Lust vs. Love ft. Level Jumpers
Flowers From Seeds
Purple Interior

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  1. i can confirm for you cuz i have talked to pickles and im a friend of one of the guys featured on the album who knows all the people weel that there is indeed a cd version and the tracklisting for both are different and i actually have at least 3 diff. versions. pickles was suppose to give me a lossless rip of the vinyl years ago but it hasnt happened. i believe i have a high quality of on of the versions and ROC/SOL makes an appearence. i have everyones discogs. go to undergroundtoybox.chatango and make a request and ill fill it.