vendredi 19 mai 2017

Ill Nature - Life Line In The Hands Of Time

This album from 1998 has been brought to my attention by Kaliyuga Pro. 
He bought it a few years ago on ATAK not knowing much about that crew, except that they were from California. The list of the members doesn't give much clues either: Ill Nature is Serge The Wrecknition, M.E.R.C.U.R.Y. (no relation to Sunset Leagues I think), Maximum Styles and depending on the cd booklet: L-Element and Concept, and on discogs: Sovereign and Elly Estro. 
There's also a bunch of featurings by various mc's I never heard of that seemed to be grouped under the name The I.S. Chapter. The production is handled by Serge The Wrecknition, The Butter Thief and Concept.

The music is pretty good, it's actually a surprise it didn't get any more attention, probably lost in the ocean of releases at that time. A vinyl version of this exist, you can found it easily on discogs although they tend to be a little pricey.
It's about time people check this album!

Light Years
Meaningless Mission?
Out Of This World
Lost Civilization
Tami No Tochu
Run Thru Your Crew
Magic Tricks
July 8th
Outro (Jazz Duet)
Life Is...

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  1. Dope album !! I'm looking for the following albums: Epidemic massive - rated E (released 2003) and thaimex - thought (released 1997) could you post them please !! peace and real hip hop 4evaaa

    1. here's Epidemic Massive - Rated E with bonus tracks:

  2. merci etienne big up !! peace and real hip hop 4evaaa