samedi 11 mars 2017

Camp Crystal Lake - S/T

This one is a special treat, made possible by Kaliyuga Pro from the great Ghetto Tyylit.

That Camp Crystal Lake self titled 7-track cassette is allegedly from around 1996-1998 and feature Zest The Smoker and his crew. No idea if it's anything official or just a compilation of tracks put together randomly.
From what I get, it was the demo for their Souls Owed To The Lake album that never got out (still you can find various tracks on Zest's discography as well as his soundcloud), then again, it's just a guess.
The artwork used here is just a screenshot from their defunct website.

I got a cassette dub of this 13 years ago through another finnish connection and lost the tape in a flood. I tried to look for it without success, remembering how great it was.

Until a few days ago, the homie Kaliyuga Pro ripped his own dub and sent it to me.

There's no tracklist or info on our dubs but KP figured some of the tracks had resurface on Zest's 'Smoker Filez' years later (first track aka "Red Hot" and track 5 aka "SJC" that was shortened on Smoker Filez, track 3 was "Louisianna Spice" from the Camp Crypt B-Sidez compilation.) but still, some of the most notable tracks that stood out in my memory I couldn't put my hands on.

Track 2, the one I'm referring to in this post, is called Zono, same name of the MC from the Unisuns. It's from 1993. Then you got the awesome posse cut that finishes the tape, unfortunately roughly cut at 3:05 (mine was too).

On a strictly rap standpoint, this is golden. The styles are super raw, so is the production, but these guys completely kills it. Treat yourself with this and much props to Kaliyuga for the help.

ZONO - Zono (AKA Dracula)
WOLF? - ?? (Magnification?)
? & ZEST THE SMOKER - SJC (Full Version)
ZEST, ZONO, ? & WOLF - ??

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