dimanche 20 novembre 2016

Nuakia Smoke - This Is 40 EP

New digital EP from Zest The Smoker, which seems to be a compilation with some older tracks he uploaded on his soundcloud and new stuff. I'm always down for some of his material.. I really hope he'll put out the full version of Camp Crystal Lake's "Souls Owed To The Lake" also.

By the way, years ago some connection made me a dub tape of some CCL material, including a track with a chorus that says "my name is Zono, aka Dracula" said x times. The track was very dope but it's on no official release. It seems to be an old demo from the CCL's Souls Owed  '93 demo.
If anyone got this... That would make my day.

Cough Elixir
Wastin' (1999 Dirt Mix)
Kae-Nive Hive (1997 Dirt Mix)

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