lundi 31 octobre 2016

Renegade Synapsis - Pins & Needles EP

This one's just appeared on DJ Moves' bandcamp and it's very good. 
Renegade Synapsis is him plus Checklove (Check Love Shakil), the 2 last tracks were already on his Hiss 2 : Hissteria comp but the rest is completely unreleased. Nice cameos too.

"After Hip Club Groove broke up this was the next group we started. Recorded in 1997 in Toronto.
Was supposed to be a 12'' on Four Ways To Rock but Marc Costanzo fucked us over."

Damn, Marc! I really want this on wax now.

You can check / buy it..

Grisley Adams
Interference ft. Sixtoo
Ode 2 The Slammin ft. Little T (Tachichi)
Pins & Needles ft. Fritz The Cat & D-Rock
Unconquered ft. Supreme Being Unit
Watered Down Juice

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