mercredi 10 février 2016

Youth Internationals - Hip Hop Generation 12''

Let's take a step further down even more gouffresque territories.
This 12'' is the only record from this old crew including LA's Zaire Black and June 22.

I missed the original rip by Ghetto Tyylit and couldn't find any other way to listen to it.
I finally found a sealed copy in a small parisian record store at a low price last week.. No idea how this thing made its way to this shop but it seems it was patiently waiting for me all that time.

So here's my rip in case you're curious what it sounds like (it's fine, not too crazy but hey, at least you can listen to it now!). There's 2 prods by Natty Roots and a weird dub instrumental by June. Oh, and a couple of scratchable skits for the zionist enthusiasts.


Hip Hop Generation
Somethin' To Remember
Usual Dubspects
Hip Hop Duberation
Somethin' To Dub
7-R Inst

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