dimanche 31 janvier 2016

Usephasan - Scienc Esquizit

Let's continue with some more obscure westcoast stuff.
I first heard of Usephasan with his title Hit Or U Miss on Waxexpress' compilation Projet Chaos (quite a landmark comp for the french heads who were into underground rap in the early naughties). Although it's the opening track of this 2003 album,  I must say it's not the most standout one and the rest of the album sound quite different from this very track, less straight-forward and repetitive, more abstract-ey, kind of like (-I love hasardous comparisons-) Labtekwon's sound for example.

Usephasan is making a good portion of the beats under it's other moniker Autolect (he's also known as Bil Basmala these days) and the guy got skills. Eclipse 427 is also producing a great track, Kh:Iman.cip.8.tor.

He's still involved in different project these days, including his FKO Audio and PER labels on which he releases his latest music. He also had an interesting group with Fanatik called Mononauts. 

For the vinyl lovers a 12'' from this album exist and is selling quite cheap on discogs.

Intro: Giant Steps
HOM (Hit Or U Miss)
Ill Lov Mood ft. Marlo
Suspended Animation
No Planned Escape
On The Run
Optimus Optical
Ah Yeah
Req'n Is
On The Mic
BadAs Brothers
Periodic Tables
Fore The Lov
Jaz Lu
When Dogs Attack
All Men
Lib Letters

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