mardi 15 décembre 2015

Foscil & Specs One - Discuss The Benefits Of Said Collaboration EP

Back with this EP that's already 10 years old although I discovered it recently.
It's a 100% northwest collaboration, all artists being from Seattle: on one hand Specs One, the MC, on the other hand a live band called Foscil. Bands playing instrumental hip hop is not usually my cup of tea, but I must say their sound is pretty slick, and they avoid the usual traps of such bands' music.
For example "Crunch Day" is based on a nice sample flipped a la J-Zone.
Give it a try, it's a pleasant surprise and the vinyl is pretty easy to get your hands on at a cheap price.

Daily Bars
More Boogie (Instrumental)
Launch Of Flotator (Instrumental)
Crunch Day
My Words (Instrumental)
Seven to Sea
Seven To Sea (Instrumental)

3 commentaires:

  1. Specs is so unbelievably underrated. Call me crazy, but some day he'll be recognized up there with John Coltrane and afrika Bambaataa as one of the prime movers of black music in the US. Few have pushed it's borders like he has. Thank you for posting this gem, it's rare to see him get any love out here on the webs. Peace.

    1. Hey you're welcome, I must say I discovered him through your website, so thank you for bringing the attention on his work as well!