mardi 24 novembre 2015

DJ Fuse One - Metamorphosis

This mix-cd is on my top 10 favourite rap mixtapes ever. 
It was release in 2002 and it's a perfect example of what a mixtape should be: great selection (here rap but also fine breaks), technical skills, some playful cut-ups (the bit about DJ Shadow's samples starting track 11 is simply classic) and a cohesive feel. 
Everything here was meticulously cooked and arranged, and, like some of the Buddy Peace mixes, it pushes the 'mixtape game' to a delicious level of rap nerdery (still, even if you don't get everything at first hear, you can still enjoy it).
Listen and enjoy. And if you liked it, cope his second one, "Irregular I", released on Epitome Of Fresh.

33 Untitled tracks.

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    1. I saw your posts. I don't have those.

    2. it was only the top of the list rs
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