mardi 25 août 2015

Zest The Smoker - The Smoker Filez

The Smoker Filez is a compilation of unreleased works, remastered demos and such from Zest. 
31 tracks in total, that's a good dose of dark and minimal San Jose hip hop (although it seems that he lives in Sacramento nowadays). You can recognize reworked versions of old tracks on slsk-floating demos (like 3 Face the Shape Shifter which isn't a real release). Some of the cuts on there are brilliant.. Don't sleep on it.

Dirty Filthy Nasty
Tranczedelic Funk
It Ain't All Good
Sex Drugz N Techz
Max Murder
The Signal
Dead End
No Escaping The Ghetto
Hold Ya Own
Murder Psycho II
No Chorus
The Hellyer Park Stories
Max Murder (Radio Edit)
Zest Freestyle (1994)
Puff Puff (Pre)
Puff Puff
My Old Nasty Habit (Dirt Mix)
Watch What You Say
The Bumrusch
Smoke Field Farm
Junk Intro
Impin Pimps
Red Hot
Bumrusch II
The Triple Threat

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